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The History of Temecula Valley is Rich with Fascinating People and Amazing Stories. 

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bulletTemecula as a Village
bulletThe Wolf Store
bullet Ramona
bulletButterfield Stage Travel
bulletWho Lived in Temecula in 1860?
bulletSetting the Stage for the Vails
bulletThe Vails, before coming to Temecula


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Check out our recommendations and explore the links below to find interesting books recommended by local teachers. 

bulletA Thousand Years in Temecula Valley by Tom Hudson, 1981. ISBN 093170006x. 
bulletCalifornia Conquered: the Annexation of a Mexican Province 1846-1850 by Neal Harlow, 1982. ISBN 0520066057.
bulletTemecula at the Crossroads of History by Phil Brigandi, 1998.  ISBN 1-886483-14-0. [This book is available at the Temecula Valley Museum.]
bulletThe Historic Valley of Temecula by Horace Parker, booklets: "The Treaty of Temecula" and "The Temecula Massacre," Paisano Press.