1860 Census
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Who Lived in the Temecula Township in 1860?

The following information was taken from the microfilmed Federal census records at the National Archives in Laguna Niguel:

Census Date: July 9th and 10th, 1860.

Location: Temecula Township, San Diego County,* California 


The surnames listed below were copied from a handwritten record. Consequently, some names have been omitted when the exact letters or spellings were in question.  The following information contains highlights from the census records and should not be considered comprehensive. 



Ritchie, Magee, Mulligan, Miranda, Briggs, Huddleston, Rouen, Ward, Brown, Machado, Lobo, Rivas, Reyes, Espinosa, Sosa, Cline, Moody, Reader, Hawk, Johnson, Place, Moreno, Graciano, Portes, Montez, Wolfe, Fellows, Ramo, Ramirez, Ingalls, Gifthaler, Hack, Cordova, Nunez, Estrada, Castro, Barbier, Doyle, Hite, Solaseds. 



Some of the occupations listed were builder, merchant, trader, keeping house, farmer, monthly laborer, servant, attorney-at-law,  stone mason, vaquero, cigar-maker, blacksmith, ranchero stock raiser,  and shepherd.



The following foreign birthplaces were listed: Scotland, France, Bavaria (Germany), Sonora (Mexico), Belgium, Canada.



In the "Color: white, black, or mulatto" column of the census, the abbreviation "Ind."  appears for those of Native-American ancestry and the initial  "B" for the two men who were of African-American ancestry (James Brown, born in Kentucky, and Edward Ward, born in Georgia). This column was left blank by the census taker for those who were not of "Black" or "Indian" ancestry.  There were approximately 58 males and 25 females, including children, in this latter group of residents (Anglo/Hispanic).

Most of the residents of the Indian villages were listed in this census by their first names only and the birthplaces of all were listed as California. There were 312 residents in the "Temecula Indian Village".  In the "Pala Indian Village"  there were 125 residents and in the "Pauma Indian Village" there were 89 residents listed in the census.




* (Note: Riverside County was not founded until 1893)

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